Any can find a healthy lawn by just seeing it. When a lawn is look smooth, lush green carpet, suitable for cartwheels and croquet then it will consider as a healthy lawn. If you want to get a perfect lawn, you may need to change your mindset as you are grass lawn designer.

Experts in grass lawn maintained are following many methods to keep their lawn healthy and beautiful. In this article, we help you to maintain your lawn with easy steps.

Processing with a soil:

As a first step, you need to set up your soil. Planting a new lawn is same like any good adventure that includes preparation and planning as two main keys. The type of planting method you plan to use is not at all a matter, all you need to do is to prepare the area fully to banish weeds and make sure the soil won’t immediately crust over or compact into lumpy ruts.

Before you process with the soil, you need to test the soil to know its ph level. You can take the advantage of testing provided by your state’s designated agricultural university to know the quality of your soil.

You can start by stripping the area of all weeds including roots even if that means taking off the top six inches. Then root till to a depth of at least six inches to loosen the compaction and improve the drainage.

It is highly important to add loam, sand and your original topsoil. You are best off in the long run if you incorporate a slight slope to facilitate drainage and prevent pooling.

To seed or not to seed:

Sod can get expensive, especially if your lawn is going to cover a larger surface area. The alternative method is to seeding the grass by you either by hand or with a method called hydroseeding which is popular methods for planting the grasslands today.

The grass seed is available on the market which is a mix of varieties blended for your climate and the type of use your lawn will get is mixed into a pulp made from the virgin wood fibers, fertilizers, and binding agents.

Watering your lawn:

You don’t want to water your lawn on daily basis. Water only once on a week but you need to water very deeply. A weekly soaking helps the roots extend deeper into the soil, while frequent shallow watering lead to thatch which unsightly web of dry brown runners just above the soil.

Weeds go away:

Crabgrass is the bane of every lawn gardener’s existence. But that does not means the herbicides are needed to maintain a healthy lawn. Mowing regularly helps to keep your lawn healthy because it tops off weeds like dandelions and crabgrass before they have a chance to scatter their seeds.

As a conclusion of this article, you need to focus each and everything on your grass lawn and in addition to the above things you also need to focus on aerating the grass lawns.