The winter is really very hard for the lawn grass. During the winter the snow used to cover the grass and this grass is completely covered. So they cannot enough sunlight and air for the survival. The wetness makes the crop to get easily damaged. So maintaining the crop very important.

The winter care is provided by several techniques like fertilizing, mowing, cleaning and then certain other features for maintaining the grasses after winter.

Fertilizing the lawn:

Normally we have to the lawn before and after winter. Because before the inter fertilizing helps the grass to stand in winter and after winter helps the plant to grow faster. O fertilizing helps the grasses to grow. We have chosen the organic type of fertilizer because this doesn’t create any harm to the grass and also which is very easy and natural to grow.

Fertilizing is important. Along with fertilizer, we need to provide many types of weed removers. So that it will remove the unwanted extra growing in the gardens.

We should not allow the winter droplets to stay more time on crops because this will attract pests and disease-causing bacteria’s in the grass. So use the fertilizer when its dry. It is safe to use at the end of the winter.


Mowing is the process of cutting down the largely grown grass to maintain the same height lawn.  By using mowing we can remove the dead grasses which are not survived under the heavy winter and their snow. During the time of mowing, we have to first remove the water and snow present in it. Keep them to dry for a week. If you feel it is enough to cut the grass then cut them in an even manner.

Mowing is also done by a rack with strings it is used to pick the dead and brown grass in the lawn. These are also removed by hand. Then leaves the debris in the lawn itself which act as a wonderful organic fertilizer.


Cleaning of the grass includes removing the dead plants and grasses from the soil. Then the watering is done in a proper manner at constant intervals and also in the correct quantity. Always check the weed growth. During the winter the weed growth is also is getting increased. In this situation, we need to use some which only kills the weeds and not the grass. So that weeds are completely removed.

In cleaning after we remove the weeds and dead grass if we find any patches without grasses then you can easily opt for sod. Which is used to create the lawn grass immediately? While buying sod always take the lawn grass from your lawn and get the same type of sod accordingly. Otherwise, it will give a mismatched look on the lawn.

Other tips during winter:

During winter we should not walk on the lawn grasses as it causes the green grasses to black.

We should always aerate the soil of the lawn because the lawn is covered by snow. So the grasses find difficult to breathe. So making holes with certain intervals make the soil and plant to breathe.

Avoid more number of grass grown in the same area, because it makes the grass to decay. These are the wonderful winter tips for the lawn care.