Do you want your lawn? This article will definitely help you to get a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is a lush lawn with a beautiful green spread, the clear edges and velvety cushion of healthy grass on your feet.

If you want to achieve this goal, you need to spend your weekends and long days which include a hammock and a cold drink, not a rake and weed-whackers. Most of the people think that the lawn care needs more time which is wrong. Because when you maintain a proper schedule on your weekend to care your lawn, it is possible to keep a healthy lawn at all.

Here we list out the essential tasks need to maintain a healthy lawn,

  • Fertilizing your lawn,
  • Watering your lawn,
  • Mowing your lawn,
  • Edging your lawn,
  • Controlling the weeds on your lawn,
  • Repairing the damage on your lawn,

Each and every task of the above list needs particular timings with an effort on scale of 1 to 4. Here if the scale value is 1 means it can be done with even children and if the scale value is 4 means do to that experience is needed.

You can use these methods to create a routine which permits you to enjoy both of your weekends and your beautiful yard. In this article, we are going to explain the basic strategies to create a lawn care maintenance table.

Free weekend strategy:

In this strategy, you need to complete your lawn maintenance before the weekend by combining tasks on weekdays. If you travel often, need flexibility, or if your weekends are generally packed with activities, this strategy is for you.

A sample weekend table:

  • On every Monday: Mow and water your lawn
  • On every Wednesday: Trim and weed your lawn,
  • On every Friday: Repair damage and fertilize your lawn,
  • On every Weekend: Relax yourself,

Process of using this strategy:

This is a Pair one time-consuming task with one quicker task or pair one high-effort task with one low-effort task. Assign pairs of tasks to specific days of the week. During spring, mow twice a week.

Time saver strategy:

In this method you need to complete one task each weekday, leaving you only one task for the weekend. If you don’t have large blocks of free time, this routine will work best for you.

A sample weekend table:

  • On day 1: fertilize your lawn,
  • On Day 2: Mow your lawn,
  • On Day 3: Weed control on your lawn,
  • On Day 4: Trim your lawn,
  • On Day 5: Repair damage on your lawn,
  • On Weekend: Water, and then relax yourself.

Process of using this strategy:

In this method, you need to do one task on every day of your week.  Keep the more time consuming and high-effort tasks to days when you have the more time and flexibility to do. During spring season you need to plan mow again on Day 5 before you repair damage.

You can make this process as simple by conducting a test by placing small cans on the lawn and then running your sprinkler for 15 minutes. When time is up, measure the water in the cans. This process will help you to know how long you need to run your sprinklers to give your lawn one inch of water per week.

As a conclusion of this article when you have lawn maintenance with a scheduled way you can relax and enjoy your weekends. You can spend your weekends with your family on your beautiful outdoors.