Are you a person who likes to do all your works with your hands without hiring any professionals? Then you may have an experience of doing lawn maintenance process with your own hand. Even though it is a time-consuming task with high-level effort to does it if you have proper tools for doing your lawn care maintenance.

On the other hand, you may hire a lawn care maintainer to care your lawn. There is no matter which category you fall into the task care of your landscape, you need to know about the essential lawn care tools to keep your lawn beautiful.

In this article, we explain you the top 5 lawn care maintenance tools that every homeowner should have on their home,

  • Lawn sweeper,
  • Lawn mower,
  • Broadcast spreader,
  • Leaf mulcher,
  • Lawn sprinkler,

Lawn sweeper:

In lawn care maintenance there are no more hard landscaping tasks than raking up grass clippings or leaves. It is tiring on the arms and seems to take more time to do. Experts in lawn care say that it is a difficult task does to in lawn care maintenance process.

But when you have a lawn sweeper with you don’t want to fear about this problem. A lawn care tool called as lawn care sweeper will help you to overcome this problem. Lawn sweepers are wheeled devices that are either pushed or towed and they have a brush on the front of them that ‘sweeps’ grass clippings and leaves into the large size catch bin that is behind the wheels.

Lawn mower:

When you ask the experts about the lawn care tools they will say that the lawn mower is a king of all essential lawn care tools which you should have in your possession. The reason behind that is, if your lawns grass does not look good it does not matter how good everything else in your landscaping looks, the overall appearance of your landscape will not be appealing.

The function of lawn mower is key to keep your grass cut to a healthy length. When a grass is permitted to grow too much, it can come in high thickness and this will results in an unhealthy grass due to the individual grass plants are not getting enough nutrients.

Broadcast spreader:

The broadcast spreader is one of the most versatile lawn care tool and they are even called as lawn feeders because they help to do the feeding process. They supply the nutritional intake your grass and the surrounding ground needs to promote vegetation growth in a healthy way.

These devices do many things with a single tool as spread around new grass seed, spread around fertilizers and even help you add such beneficial ground nutrients as lime.

Leaf mulcher:

Mulching the grass leaf can have huge benefits for the yard maintenance and it is basically the method of chopping the larger organic material into small bits of organic material which are then spread over the ground.

This mulched material will warm the soil to promote the growth and feed the soil nutrients as the organic material decomposes and help the ground in the area retain the moisture for a longer time.

Lawn sprinkler:

We all know that nothing is equal to watering your lawn. The lawn sprinkler will help to keep your lawn looking better than watering it on a regular basis. Watering just seems to bring out the colors in your landscape and make it look healthier.

The rotary or ark type lawn sprinkler will help you to water a large surface lawn with a less amount of water.